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100 Days of Happiness - Day 100

And what better picture set to round off this lovely meme, but my birthday pictures from the weekend ..

I spent a fabulous weekend away at the Sci Fi Weekender event at Pen-y-Chain, near Pwllhelli, north Wales with amberdreams and her poor long suffering Spn-widow husband, Paul, xlittleangx and edina_clouds128.

A great time was had by all!

Here are the mugshots ...

Hugging the Tardis, in my Star Trek shirt with my Harry Potter bag and my Supernatural Wallet.  I was a multi-fandom kinda girl this weekend!

Some friends who came to wish me a happy birthday!

Meeting some fabulously dedicated Terry Pratchett fans

A birthday delegation.  I'm just glad they didn't decide to give me the bumps!

These uruk-hai aren't such bad blokes really!

I'm an equal opportunities Lord of the Rings fangirl!

Considering this guy was shuffling round the whole weekend, not only dressed like a puppet, but walking like one, he deserves a very honorable mention here!

Dancing stormtroopers.  What more entertainment could you want?

It takes a true friend to threaten you with the first blade!
(Photo by edina_clouds128)

The morning after the con, and walk down to the beach at Pen-y-Chain.  A group shot with Snowdonia in the background.
(Photo by amberdreams)

A completely random shot - anyone else think we're posing for our own album cover here?
(Photo by amberdreams)

In Pwllheli.  Well, when you find a great big fish, you've just got to sit on it, right?
(Photo by amberdreams)

A park on the edge of the convention venue, and we were just a little bit excited to find that some other Supernatural fans must have been by earlier and drawn a devils trap on the ground - in salt no less!

If course, we had to play in it!  Rude not to!
(Photo by amberdreams)

I've no idea what I was up to here, but it clearly wasn't virtuous ...
(Photo by amberdreams)

The tide's out!

And finally ... a couple of extra funnies:

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