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Thank you all so much!!!

As many of you may be aware, I had a birthday on Saturday - yes, that's right; I am the perennial April Fool!

I spent my birthday cavorting joyfully with very great friends at a Sci Fi convention in North Wales (which will require another post all of it's own), and hence my near enough radio silence over the past four days.

But I came home yesterday evening to lots of birthday love, both in real life and online, and so here is a masterlist of all the prettiness that I can't even begin to thank everyone enough for - enjoy!

It's a Birthday!!! from julchen11
Birthday Greetings from 999alena
Happy Birthday from zara_zee
Happy Birthday from herminekurotowa
Happy Birthday Songspam from jj1564
Happy Birthday from casey28
Happy (Belated) Birthday from sinfulslasher
A Belated April Fool's Tribute and A Birthday from heliokleia and her mini boys
Happy Birthday Dizzo from jj1564 and her mini boys

I also had lovely PM and email birthday greetings from milly_gal, sasha_dragon, just_ruth, antrazi, fanspired, stir_of_echoes, meus_venator, kuwlshadow, emmatheslayer, auntmo9 and shadowcat_spn

Also, delightful V-gifts from deanshot, the_rant_girl and heliokleia (together with her mini boys)

Over on facebook, I had so many gorgeous birthday treats too:

This collection of gorgeousness on canvas from amberdreams. What more could a girl ask?  Except maybe a place to hang it ...
I did suggest to Mr D that I hang it above our bed, and he calmly reminded me that he has a blowtorch in the shed and it would probably be very effective on canvas!

Then, from edina_clouds128, this handsome chap because she knows I'm rather fond of rabbits and hares.  He's suppposed to live in the garden, but I'm kind of thinking he'd go well in the living room ...

This gorgeous book from whysosadbunny

Then from Mr D and from sasha_dragon, I have two new adorable little plastic people who will be joining my growing brood of Funko minis.  They will be making their introductions in the next couple of days!

And finally, from Wendy Vandendorpe, yet another JIB cohort, this fabulous moment of Supernatural silliness:

So all in all, I feel like a very, VERY lucky Dizzo.
Thank you all!

(If I've missed anyones' greetings, please let me know - it's nothing personal, just me being useless!)
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