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Dizzo update!

Well, considering it's only been a three day work week for me, it's been a long one!  Work has been pressured - trying to fit as much of five days' work into three as I can, and cursing every time the phone rings ... especially when I get phone calls like this:

Caller: *aggressive* my wages are wrong
Me: Ok, what do you think is wrong with them.
Caller: I only got paid half of my salary
Me: *puzzled frown*  I've called your payslip up on the system - you'e got a full month's salary.
Caller.  No I haven't, I've only got half.
Me: Just out of interest, is the amount you're looking at £704.00?
Caller: Yes, see, I told you so.
Me: You're looking at January's payslip.
Caller: What?
Me: You started with us mid-January, so got half a month's money.  You're looking at January's payslip.
Caller: But I ... how ...?  Oh.   I feel silly now.
Me: Goodbye.


In between times I've been trying to co-ordinate the workmen who are coming to rebuild my kitchen, especially after the carpet company messed up when lifting the flooring.  Their brief was to lift all the flooring in the kitchen and the hall so that we can let the floor dry properly before we re-lay the new flooring and carpet, and according to my mother in law who oversaw the work late last week, the adolescent who came to do the job wasn't interested and couldn't get away quick enough.  He didn't even do half a job.  The hall carpet was still down and although the kitchen flooring had been taken up, he'd left the old skanky tiles from under the kitchen flooring (which have been there since the house was built) and they were all curling and splitting because THEY WERE BLOODY SOPPING WET UNDERNEATH!

We started to lift some of them, but I was so furious I refused to carry on, and couldn't even sleep Friday night.  Saturday morning I went marching into the carpet shop with a photo of my kitchen floor and read the riot act.

Their manager came around again Tuesday morning at 7.30 am to finish the job.

The builder is coming around on Saturday to rebuild the cabinet that my kitchen sink sits in because it's so swollen with damp, it's like sponge - I can finally see a light at the end of this bloody frustrating tunnel!

Anyway, I had a lovely evening out with my gorgeous BEN babes yesterday night.  We chatted, laughed, engaged in enthusiastic character assassination of everyone we left behind at that madhouse, and got drunk on Prosecco.  It was fabulous to see them all again and looking so happy and well.

And now, this morning is beautiful sunshine.  If I wanted any more proof that spring has finally sprung here in the UK, here's the sight that greeted me when I stepped into my front garden this morniing:  My beautiful flowering cherry which was a first anniversary present from my grandparents, in full blossom:

Now I'm a lady of leisure until Tuesday.  I'm about to head off up to north Wales for birthday weekend fun and shenanigans with my lovelies amberdreams, edina_clouds128 and xlittleangx   not to mention Amberdreams' long-suffering Supernatural-widow husband Paul (and there may be a couple of little plastic people coming with me too).  We're going to Pwllheli for a sci-fii covnention but the town is also near Snowdonia, so hopefully some nice sight-seeing and cream teas to be had too!

Back on Monday to extend my celebrations with Mr D!

So, I don't know how much online stuff I'll be doing while I'm away, but I'll catch up with you all when I'm back!

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