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30 Day meme challenge

Day 13 - Three Confessions of your choice

1.  I once completely spontaneously bought a pet rabbit from a pet shop purely and simply to stop her being bought by some bratty kid who wanted 'that baby rabbit, I want it, I want it.'  She was a Rex rabbit, so I knew she'd grow big and rangey, and when I saw this kid's parents looking at a poky little hutch that I wouldn't keep a gerbil in, I dragged Barry into the shop and said 'that's what I want for my birthday, that rabbit ...'  I'd only dropped in there because I was at the garden centre where the pet shop was housed and I always liked to go in and look at the bunnies.

We bought her, and a little friend, right under the kid's snotty nose  *evil grin* and called them April and Blossom.

They lived in the kitchen, eating off of a dinner plate until we managed to rabbit-proof the shed for them, and buy all the rest of the equipment we needed!!

2. I was at my friend Janet's house many years ago (we were both about 14), and we were messing about dancing in the kitchen and knocked a decorative plate off the dresser and broke it.  When Janet's Mum got home from work she was furious, so we blamed the dog!

And, I've saved the most difficult one until last ...

3. This is such a horrible thing to admit to, and I feel like such a terribly bad fangirl, but I absolutely HATE the names of Jensen's twins.  :(
It's none of my business what he calls his little cuties, but every time I hear those names, I cringe.  They just make me think of these vacuous celebrities who give their kids stupid showy names which are totally for their own benefit, not the kids', and I know Jensen and Danneel are so much better than that.
I can totally see Zepellin and Arrow changing their names to Dave and Sue when they're old enough, and I'd totally understand and support them if they did!
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