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Long day has been long ...

It's been a loooooooong day!

I left home at 8.10 tthis morning to go to work.  The day didn't start brilliantly when I hurt my back - getting dressed.  I was pulling my top on over my head and as I squirmed to get my arm through the sleeve, my back went into a spasm on the left hand side.  I mean, really, who does that?  who injures themselves with their own clothing?

Sometimes I really think I shouldn't be allowed out without a carer!

But it was a good day at work; payroll has closed for the month, and so there's always a big sense of relief (and a small sense of foreboding) for me when that happens! One of the girls in our office is leaving, so some of us went out for a little drink and a few nibbles at lunchtime which was a nice change from the norm. We had the radio on in the office, and all day was back-to-back 80's music, which was musical heaven as far as I'm concerned.  Then on the drive home, the radio played Bohemian Rhapsody!  Was I singing along very loudly and doing the whole Wayne's World headbanging thing?  Was I?  What do you think??? :)

When I got in from work, it was a quick case of load up the car, shower, change, then off to present my pastel workshop at the Frimley and Camberley Society of Arts.  It''s been a lovely evening there, so much interest and so many questions that I only got my picture about a querter finished, but that's fine.  I'll finish it off over the next few days.  The organiser thanked me, and said she loved to see the room (about 30 people) so engaged, so I can't complain.  If one person in that room feels inspired to try something new because of my session, then I've done my job!

But anyway, now it's 11.15 pm and I got home about 30 minutes ago.  The PJ's are on and the wine is poured, and I just got home to read this heartbreaking post in one of the Supernatural groups I follow on Facebook:

'Goodbye. I'm being given an ultimatum, either I kill the fangirl part of me or lose my family. I can never watch SPN ever again and I have to get rid of my memorabilia (or junk, as it's being called) or my husband will take my kids and leave. He says I am broken. That I am sick and being a fangirl is a sickness. I have to find something, therapy, inpatient psychotherapy or medication that will effectively get rid of (kill) the fangirl part of me. I don't wanna go. I've been a fangirl for 36years or more. It's a huge part of who I am. My husband refuses to have SPN's occult themes in the house anymore. I have no other choice. Give up that part of me or give up my family. I've been married 25years this year. I don't want to lose the love of my life or my kids. But I don't want to lose my new SPN family either. It hurt for him to say he thinks I'm broken and have to be fixed. The only thing broken right now is my heart. I don't want to say good bye and it isn't fair but I don't have a choice.'

It made me realise how lucky I am to have Mr D who is not a psychologically abusive, controlling bastard and who not only tolerates my fandom/Supernatural obsession, but actively enables it.

So all in all, it's been a good day.

And It's Friday and the sun has been shining.

Love you all!!

(But not as much as Jensen does, apparently ...)

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