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One Word Meme

Responding to jj1564's post ...

Copy/Paste into a word doc, answer with one word, then tag people, including me so I can see what you've said :)

Where is your cell phone - couch
Your hair - brown
Your mother - pretty
Your favourite thing - Jensen
Your dream last night - unknown
Your favorite drink - wine
Your dream/goal - happiness
The room you are in - living
Your fear - loss
Muffins - chocolate
One of your wish list items - Jensen
Where you grew up - London
The last thing you did - Lj
What are you wearing - Pyjamas
Your TV - Documentary
Your pets - goldfish
Your computer – essential
Your life - busy
Your mood - tired
Missing someone/something - grandparents
Your car – Renault
Favourite store - Amazon
Your summer - sunny
Your favourite colour - turquoise
When is the last time you laughed - today
Last time you cried - (last) Monday
Three people who email me – June, Milly, Mr D
Three of my favourite foods – Cheese, chocolate, fish and chips
Three places I would rather be right now – convention, restaurant, my drawing desk
Three people I think will respond - no idea!
Tags: facts about me, meme-y stuff

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