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30 Day meme challenge

Day 3 - Your Day in Great Detail

I don't know about great detail because it hasn't been the most exciting day, but that was exactly as I planned it, and it's been delightful!

It started off at 9.30 this morning when I got up, showered, and Mr D and I walked down to Randalls,  the coffee shop in our village for breakfast.

Outside the widow, you can just see Lightwater's beautiful horse chestnut tree which is the emblem of our village.

We had paninis and latte, then followed up with a slice of lemon drizzle cake each as we sat and watched the world go by.

When we were finished there, we wandered around the village doing a little bit of shopping before we walked back home - I'm doing the 'walk all over cancer' challenge (10,000 steps a day) at the moment to raise money for cancer research, so I'm trying to walk everywhere at the moment!

When we got home, I bustled around the house for an hour doing some housework before I headed into Windlesham, our neighbouring village, to book a table for me, June and Milly to have our next get together in early April.

When I got home, Mr D was out in his shed servicing a bike for one of his friends, I headed indoors to make sime tea and spent an hour on the computer, responding to some Lj posts, and writing a drabble, before settling in to watch the Six Nations Rugby on TV.  England v Scotland at Twickneham, Calcutta Cup, and what a great match it was.  England 61, Scotland 21.  England win the Six Nations, YAY!!! Day Made :)

As I watched the rugby, I did a bit more work for a couple of hours on my Castiel picture and made some good progress ...
I hope I might be able to get it finished tomorrow!

While I worked, Mr D finished out in his shed and came in to start cooking dinner.  We had smoked haddock with new potatoes and green beans, and of course, an obligatory glass of wine - it was yummy!

After dinner, we settled in to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who ...

and then to bed!

Day 2
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