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More Photos from 1967

I promised you a few more photos from my parents' wedding on 4th March 1967 once I'd had a sort through them.

So guess what I was doing at the weekend!

Mum with her bridesmaids, L - R her younger sister Jackie, her niece Yvonne and her niece Christine.

What's my Mum doing with Buddy Holly?

Pretty bride!

My Mum's parents and my Dad's best man, his cousin, Pat.

My Dad's parents

My Dad's Grandma in the black coat  and in grey, his great Aunt Gin (whose name was actually Jane and who I am, apparently named after).

This is the only coloured photo of the wedding I've ever seen.  The bridesmaids were in salmon pink, but the photo's a bit faded, so hard to tell!

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