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Liar Liar


Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I don't own him!

Dean lies on the job all the time, but when he lies to family and friends, it never ends well.


"Dean, have you been messing with my laptop again?"


"It's got another virus – I've got porn popping up everywhere."

*shrugs* " Wasn't me. Must have been Cas."

"But I have my own laptop Dean, and the only porn website I browse is Bouncy Babes…"

"Woah! Too much information Cas!"

"Damnit Dean, I'm gonna have to wipe the whole thing."

"Quit bitching Sam, it wasn't me."


*cough* *cough* *wheeze*

"Dude, Did I just get struck by lightning? Inside the bunker?"

"Yeah Dean, apparently Chuck doesn't like liars."

"But, I …"

"Oh, by the way, liar, liar – your pants really are on fire!"



Tags: castiel, dean winchester, drabbles, fan fiction, humour, sam winchester, supernatural

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