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White Knight

A triple Valentines drabble written for the DEW challenge over on spn_bigpretzel and the weekend drabble challenge on Fanfiction.net


Castiel is an angel, but he's also a gentleman. And that's why life is so confusing! 300 words for Valentines week.

Genre: Humour, Friendship
Rating: K+
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Sppoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: I don't own them

Dean felt his chest flood with pride as he straightened Castiel's collar and patted him on the back, sending the apprehensive angel out on his very first date.

He'd given Castiel the requisite talk man to man – or man to angel; 'pay attention to her', he'd instructed solemnly; 'give her lots of compliments – and look her in the eye when you're doing it', and probably, most important of all Dean advised; 'if she asks you in for coffee when you walk her home, it's most probably not just for coffee. Take a condom.'

He'd prepared Castiel for practically every eventuality from his lucky lady not turning up, through to said lucky lady being a raving nymphomaniac. What Castiel didn't know about dating now wasn't worth knowing.

So, later that evening, the last thing Dean was expecting was a monosyllabic Cas on the phone asking to be picked up from the police station.

"What happened, Cas?" Dean asked as he frantically paced the cell in front of the despondent angel; "you assaulted a waiter!"
Castiel sighed, glancing miserably up at Dean from his seat on the cell's single cot. "I punched him on the nose."

Dean rubbed his forehead despairingly. He'd never suffered from migraines, but this felt like the perfect opportunity to start.
"I say it again," Dean snapped; "what the hell happened, Cas?"

"I followed your advice Dean," Castiel mumbled meekly into his shirtfront; "I was attentive. I took interest in her, and I complimented her on her appearance…".

"And …?", Dean prompted.

"And at the end of the evening, we talked about getting the check and I asked if she would like me to walk her home."

"Yeah, then what?"

"Then the waiter came over to our table and asked her if she'd like coffee …"



Tags: castiel, dean winchester, fan fiction, humour, supernatural
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