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Snowflake Day 11

Day 11 - In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing.

This is such a hard challenge to fulfil because the Spn Fandom, and more specifically, my F/list is absolutely chock full of incredibly gifted people, and so to pick out just one or two on talent alone is pretty much impossible.

So, I'm dedicating this post to two creators who are not only very talented, but who I am proud to call friends; two of the first friends I made in fandom in fact.

amberdreams is both an artist and an author, and she rocks at both of those disciplines.  However it's as an artist that I'm dedicating this post to her. She depicts our boys beautifully and has a wonderful style that's so full of atmosphere and expression and, above all, is instantly recognisable in both traditional art and digital art.  She's so versatile and isn't afraid to try anything challenging, and I am delighted to be the proud owner of a number of pieces of her brilliant artwork.

It was Amber that inspired me to try my hand at digital art, something I'd never tried or even contemplated trying before I entered fandom all those years ago, and for the fact that she gifted me with another creative outlet, I'm very grateful.  I'm also grateful that I not only got to enjoy her fantastic art, but also got to know and befriend - in real life - the great person behind that art too!

When I first joined Livejournal back in 2010, I happened across an author called sasha_dragon who, I quickly realised, wrote fanfiction that was just perfection in my eyes.   It's got a great balance of plot, hurt/comfort, sexytimes, humour, angst, banter, hurty Jensen, awesome protective Jared, and adorably harassed, put-upon Misha.  Her stories are pretty much a blueprint for everything I adore in fanfiction; honestly, It's like she lives inside my head or something!

She was one of the first additions to my F/list all those years ago and since then our friendship has bloomed beyond the laptop screen into real life and that makes reading and re-reading her wonderful stories an even more enjoyable experience!

I can't pick out one favourite piece of work from either of these lovely ladies, because I would be tryiing to decide what to choose until Hell freezes over (and Crowley wouldn't be impressed about that), but luckily they both have masterlists,  Go check out their goodies and leave lots of well-deserved love!
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