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Snowflake Day 10

Unfortunately, I''ve really dropped the ball on this challenge with other stuff that's been going on over the last couple of weeks, but I'm determined to pick it back up again!

Today's challenge is:  Talk about your favourite trope,cliche, kink, motif or theme.

For this challenge, I’m going to write about Hurt/Comfort.  I never really know if that's a trope or a genre, or indeed what the difference between those two things really is, but all that asides, this is all about hurt comfort ...

I’ve no idea why I love H/C, but I do, and I always have, even before I knew fanfiction existed.  I love the idea of a strong, independent person becoming vulnerable (albeit temporarily) and being forced to behave in a way that is contrary to their character; to accept help and sympathy.  In a way, this can apply to the comforter too, where the comforter is maybe someone who is not used to being tactile or nurturing in the usual course of their lives - for instance, Castiel.

There doesn’t have to be a point to all this; I’m not bothered if the story doesn’t lead to any significant character growth or development.  I simply want to immerse myself in the plight of the victim and the caring and nurturing of the comforter.  It's like a cream cake for my soul!

As I am really only active in the Supernatural fandom, for me, H/C has to be Dean-centric to hold my attention, or in terms of RPF, Jensen-centric, as he is generally regarded as the more stoic partner in J2.

I believe touch and closeness is an enormous part of the human bonding experience.  I, myself, am very tactile, and an enthusiastic hugger (and huggee too!) so for me, to experience that closeness as an onlooker is every bit as satisfying.  That touch doesn’t have to be sexual, it can be completely platonic (as in all gen H/C fics) but a well-written H/C that ramps up the hurt and manages to tread the line of helplessness and vulnerability without crossing over into sappy melodrama can grab me on such an intense and sub-conscious level, that it can literally leave me breathless.

I read H/C which is both gen and slash, but for me in a slash H/C, the sex is completely secondary to the hurt/comfort element of the story, however well it’s written.

A few rec links to some of my favourite H/C stories:

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by EFW
Purehalo's Spn Fanfiction
J2 Hurt Comfort Indulgences by Embroiderama
Just One Breath by Kee (yes, I know I've recced this one before, but I'd rec it a million tiimes if I could!)
And forgive me, but I'm going too slip a little self-rec in here too ...
Hair of the Dog by Dizzojay

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