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Fun, fun, fun in the Dizzo Household!

Well, it hasn't been the most wonderful of weeks so far.  The feed pipe behind our washing machine sprung a leak - we don''t know when exactly, but we think it was some time ago.  We had no idea until about four days ago when a big icky brown stain appeared on the hall carpet, literally overnight!

We were baffled by the stain, but when we realised it was damp we figured that we must have a leak!  Mr D found the source of the leak and isolated it, and we have a plumber coming over on Monday to fix it.  In the meantime, we can't use our washing machine (so don't stand downwind of me for a while!).

I had the insurance assessor come over tonight and he had a snoop round taking some photos and making notes.  As well as the hall carpet, it's very likely the kitchen floor will have to be replaced as it is made up of stone-effect wooden tiles, and some of them have started to feel  spongey because  the water has spread across the floor under them, and also the kitchen cabinet that the leak is behind as the wood has swollen and cracked all the laminate.  Of course, the insurance won't pay for the plumber, only the damage the water does, and although the excess on our policy is £150.00, for water damage the grasping gits charge £350.00.

Lucky us!

Anyhoo, you know what?  I'm not going to let it get me down; far worse things happen all of the time!

We've got a new episode tonight, it's nearly the weekend, there's a bottle of wine chillin' in the fridge for tomorrow evening and I have treated myself to a seriously ZANY new nail design!

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