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100 days of Happiness - Day 84

Today's happiness is that I finally managed to submit my tax return, a day before the deadline!

Not overly exciting, I agree, but given that this was my first (and most probably last) attempt at filing my tax return online, thanks to our tax office (HM Revenue and Customs) spectacularly awful website, it's taken me four weeks, seven phone calls and three webchats to achieve something that should have taken a couple of hours.

If I'd filed after midnight tomorrow, I would have earned myself a late filing fine of £100 which I would have disputed furiously, so I've been keeping a log of all my calls, and webchats to back this up.  Thankfully none of that's relevant now.

But anyway.  Stupid tax return is done, stupid tax is paid up, I can forget all about the stupid HMRC and their stupid brain-buggering bureaucratic incompetence for another year!

Time to dance !!!

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