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J2M - Force of Attraction. A Scientific Picspam.

The phenomenon known as J2M is not discussed in any important scientific papers.

It is a very recently proposed theory, the phenomenon only being discovered in the last few years, but extensive research by the Supernatural Fandom has proven that the J2M effect does result in a marked and continuing increase in the entropy of a situation, and there are moves afoot to include it within the second Law of Thermodynamics.


The J2M phenomenon is created by three separate independently moving particles.  Known for the purposes of this explanation as J1, J2 and M.

These are the individual particles that make up the J2M phenomenon:

When the particles are separated, they behave thus:



and M

However, when they are brought together, entropy occurs.

After prolonged exposure to each other, entropy can increase tenfold:

Or more.
It is advisable to clear the room at this point:

When an additional M particle is added to the mix to form the J2M2 phenomenon, then that's where the second Law of Thermodynamics breaks down and the First Law of What The Fuck Are They Doing Now?  comes into effect.

With careful handling and manipulation, the separate particles of the J2M phenomenon can be compelled to behave in a regular fashion.

However, this is difficult to achieve for any lengthy period of time.  It is not a natural condition for the J2M particles to exist in.  This is known as the third Law of Miniscule Attention Spans, allied to the Hopeless Dorks Principle.

Even if two of the individual bodies are behaving in a regular fashion, there is often one that cannot be contained.



It has also been noted that when separated, the particles will inherently be drawn back together with a magnetism that could be covered by the Transversality Requirement under Gauss' Law of Magnetism, or it could just be that the soppy buggers don't like being apart.

A curious factor is the J2M phenomenon is the propensity of the M particle to be damaged by the J2 particles:

This has not been adequately explained by any existing scientific principle, but could be attributed to the fact that the M particle is the smallest of the three, and has very dodgy dress sense:

Events which can lower the rate of entropy of the J2M phenomenon include travelling (the Red-Eye Principle):

and photoshoots (the Poseur Prinicple).



Although this is not always the case:

Given the instability of the J2M phenomenon, there is always an underlying possibility of an unexpected event:

Actually, it's not always very underlying.  Often, it's a bloody obvious possibility of an unexpected event:

In fact, given the handling difficulty, and the speed and rate at which it creates total and utter chaos entropy in any given situation scientists are still working hard to find any practical application for the J2M phenomenon:

I mean, really?

It has also been noted that entropy increases exponentially around December each year.

No satisfactory explanation has yet been put forward for this.

In fact no satisfactory explanation for J2M has been put forward at all.

But scientists continue their search for more information.

In the meantime, please be aware that the J2M phenomenon is potentially hazardous, and should only be handled by professionals.

It can appear outwardly harmless:

And exist in an extremely harmonic state:

However, upon prolonged exposure, clear signs of erratic behaviour between the individual particles can be noted:

Which will increase further as entropy increases:

Refer back to the First Law of What The Fuck Are They Doing Now?


Thank you for your attention.

Credit as per watermarks
Otherwise, all pictures captured from Google and Pinterest
If specific credit is needed let me know, happy to add!

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