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There once was an ugly duckling ...

Spoilers ... teeny weeny little vague one for SN epi 1.9 'Home'

I was having a little ponder on Missouri Moseley's throwaway comment after watching this episode the other day (because, well, we all know how Dean really needs yet another dent to his self esteem) ... and this is the result.

The 'goofy-looking kid' reflects on his looks ... and his life.

Word Count: 100
Rating: K+
Genre: Family/Angst

Disclaimer: I don't own them, so I'm just gonna pretend, okay?

Dean loved being an uncommonly handsome guy.

He wore the face that nature blessed him with comfortably and with an easy charm, never taking it for granted; loving the attention it attracted.

Because it wasn't always that way.


He remembered being 'the goofy-looking kid'.

He remembered everyone adoring little Sammy's dimples and big brown eyes whilst completely ignoring the mousy little squirt standing bow-legged in the corner.

He remembered the bullies in fourth grade.


The ugly duckling had resigned himself to growing into the kind of dork that girls crossed the street to avoid.

Instead he grew into an exquisite swan.



Tags: dean winchester, self-esteem issues, supernatural

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