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Fandom Review of 2016

Wow, 2017 already!  Because 2016 is so last year ...

It was a funny old year.  From a personal point of view, the main change this year was that, in the spring, I got myself a shiny new job where I'm feeling valued and appreciated, and enjoying a social life unlike anything I ever experienced in 13 years in the charity sector! From a fandom point of view, it's been another fantastic year.  I've attended three conventions, had Jensen take a photo of my artwork, took part in GISHWHES, and just generally celebrated the fact that I am lucky enough to be a part of this amazing and fantastic group of people!

I met even more of you in person, and that was special, so very special to be able to finally enjoy real hugs as opposed to virtual hugs!

So here it is, because I did it last year and it was fun to do, my fandom review of 2016!

Okay, so this is the one thing I'm not proud of! In 2016, I only wrote 21,613 words.  I've only counted story words, and that's the lowest number of words I've written in one full year since I've been in fandom.  My writing muse has disowned me completely, and the awkward little tart is showing no signs of returning.  I think longer work hours and a busy life generally has gone some way to killing my inspiration, but I live in hope that she'll come back one day!.


An angel's Guide to Partying - written for the birthday fic challenge on spn_bigpretzel
A Weighty Issue - a birthday fic for the lovely vansgroi
Down to the Last Detail - a birthday fic for my good buddy meazrael_64
Washday Blues - written for a special DEW challenge at spn_bigpretzel
Careful What You Wish For - written for the Spring Fic Exchange at  spn_bigpretzel.  Written for the community with fabulous art by winchestergirl
The Car's the Star - written for a special DEW challenge at spn_bigpretzel
Apple Pie Hero - written for viviansface in the spn_summergen Challenge
Reflections - A birthday fic for everyone's favourite honorary Hunter Girl theymp
Revenge is Sweet - with art by emmatheslayer written for the Hallowe'en Fic Challenge on spn_bigpretzel


I did manage to write 75 drabbles for the two drabble challenges that I take part in.  I'm not going to list them all, but you can find them all here!

Arty Farty Stuff


Poor Castiel - my headcanon
Jensen Ackles - PCA Tribute
Jensen Ackles Rock God - a tribute to Jensen's singing skills!
Masterpiece - an arty-themed drabble
Happy Birthday - milly_gal
Picture for be_my_precious
Birthday Banners for zara_zee and sillie82
Banner for my story - A Four Legged Friend
Reversebang Art Post with wonderful fic by zara_zee
Happy Birthday Dean Winchester
Happy Birthday borgmama1of5
Banner for Valentines Day
Happy Birthday  be_my_precious
Happy Birthday Jensen
Lots of Jensen Love for jj1564
Season 12 Celebration
Happy Easter
Demon Dean
Happy Birthday tifaching
Moosey Magnificence for milly_gal
Banner for my drabble - A Bard Day at Black Rock
Happy Birthday baby
Happy Birthday chellexxx
Happy Birthday cassiopeia7
Banner for Spring Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday Sam Winchester
Happy Birthday sasha_dragon
Banner for candygramme for the Spring Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel
Banner No. 2 for jennytork for the spring Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday amberdreams
Happy Birthday big_heart_june
Banner for my story - The Cruel Sea
Happy Birthday raloria
Happy Independence Day!
Happy Birthday Jared
Happy Birthday sinfulslasher
Happy Birthday fireheart13 and firesign10
Happy Supernatural Day
Banner for Hallowe'en Reverse Mini Bang
Happy Birthday somersault_j
Happy Birthday wings128
Happy Birthday alexisjane and disneymagics
Season 12 air celebration
Happy Hallowe'en
Happy Birthday tattooeddevil
Happy Birthday herminekurotowa
Banner fortheymp for Hallowe'en Reverse Mini Bang on spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday lysanatt
Thanksgiving Wishes
Banner for Holiday Drabble Challenge on spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday emmatheslayer
Happy Holidays
Happy Christmas
Happy New Year to my F/Listies

Traditional Art

Henry Winchester
Grandpa Samuel
Gym Coach Dean
Young John Winchester
Ghostfacer Harry
Ghostfacer Ed
Tony DiNozzo


Across the year, I was busy picspamming - more Jensen pics than you can shake a stick at.  You can find them all here


I went to three cons this year, Asylum 16, Jus in Bello and Asylum 17.  Here's where you can find the pictures, reviews and squee!

Back from the Asylum (Asylum 16)
That was the Weekend that was (part 1) A16
That was the Weekend that was (part 2) A16
JIB - Getting Excited Now!
JIB - Flyby from Roma
JIB - and now, the end is near ...
JIB - Let's talk about that hug
JIB - Checking in
JIB - Fun and Larks at Jus in Bello
JIB - Apparently, I'm famous!
What a Weekend - Asylum 17
So that was Asylum 17

Other Stuff

In between mod duties at spn_bigpretzel and spn_on_parade, I continued the running of the weekly Drabble Challenge over on Fanfiction.net alongside my dear friend, vansgroi .

The DEW Challenge at spn_bigpretzel celebrated its second anniversary and I'm thrilled to be a part of the community which I've always described as my spiritual home on Livejournal.  Thanks to auntmo9 for continuing to run the show!

The Mini mayhem just keeps rollin' on over at spn_on_parade where the resident population of minis continues to expand.  We passed 100 watchers during the year, and celebrated our second anniversary in July - not bad for three functional (well, almost functional) adults playing with little plastic dolls. Huge thanks go to my gorgeous co-mods jj1564 and milly_gal, not to mention all our members who who keep the comm humming with activity, and continue to make this little madhouse one of the cutest and friendliest corners of Livejournal.

And, phew, that's it for 2016, looking forward to another round of fandom crazy in 2017!

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