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Armed and Dangerous

Well, after canvassing the opinion of my f/listies, the individual component parts of our scrumptious Jensen were discussed at length; (don't be rude), and the consensus was that there is one particular portion of this perfect anatomy which has been parlously neglected in my picspams.  Therefore, I am here today to correct that grievous oversight.

With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I bring you this celebration of ... the magnificence that is Jensen's arms (featuring hands and fingers too!)

Behold, the splendour ...

Actually, spendour doesn't even go halfway towards describing them.  I would consult my thesaurus, but it went up in flames.

Along with my ovaries.

Jensen's arms are useful for lots of things ...

Like hairstyling.

Or practising his golf swing.

Or hugging Jared.

or better still, hugging me!

They look good when they're all grimy.

And when they're all smart and well-scrubbed.

They look especially good when they're not dressed at all.

Jensen's arms are quite delicate and react badly to being manhandled by angels.

But they're quite used to being manhandled by Jared.

Jensen's arms are very useful.  They can do all sorts of wonderful things ...

They can show when Jensen is happy.

They can do sporty stuff.

And they can hold lots of useful things, such as milkshakes and small dogs.

When they have finished being useful they like to help Jensen sleep.  This is where the entire fandom spontaneously ovulates.

At the end of Jensen's arms are his hands.  They are rather lovely and have beautiful long fingers.  Here's a very nice picture of one of Jensen's hands.

Jensen has two hands - here they are.

This one is beautifully freckled.

So is this one.

As you can see, Jensen's hands are very versatile.

They are good for leaning on when Jensen gets tired.

They can play the guitar.

And do all sorts of clever technical stuff.

They can handle Dean's gun.

And his first blade.

And his ... um ...

They can dance - they have some great moves.

Sometimes they touch stuff they have no business touching.

And as a result they sometimes get injured.  This is when the entire fandom wants to kiss them better.  Or at least just kiss them.

When that happens, Jensen's hands have to be restrained for their own good

There's gratitude for you!
(refer previous comment about long fingers)

Credit as per watermarks

Note: edited, and a couple of pictures replaced as it was pointed out to me that the hand in two of the pics belonged to Jared!  That's what you get for trusting a Google search for 'Jensen Ackles hands'.  Now, whilst I don't deny for one second that Jared has gorgeous hands too, this is a Jensen spam, and I don't do false advertising here at the Dizz journal!!! 

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