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100 Days of Happiness - Day 72 - Boxing Day Fun

Mr D and I have just got back from a morning out at one of our longest-running and much-loved local events.

Very close to the village of Lightwater, where I live is another village called Windlesham, and they have an annual event, every Boxing Day morning; the Windlesham Pram Race.  It started life 50 years ago as a bit of drunken revelry and has, over the years, morphed into the biggest officially organised annual charity fundraising event in either of our villages.

I've been very bad at supporting the pram race over the last couple of years, so this year Mr D and I were determined to get ourselves over to Windlesham to watch the shenanigans and cheer on the participants again.

The basic premise of the pram race is a number of teams in fancy dress pushing a themed pram (or similar unpowered vehicle) over a course of approximately two miles around the village.  Of course, being a British event, it also involves alcohol - lots pf alcohol, and there are five pub stops along the two mile course.

Yes, as you can imagine, it's not a very serious event!!!

So, here are a few pictures from this morning's race:

The Sun Inn in the Centre of Windlesham, and the second stopping off point of the race

Mr D waiting in the gathering crowds for the action to begin

Probably most of Windlesham's population turned out this morning!

The first 'pram' to come by - powered by five of the ugliest babies you'll ever see!

When you're a grown man dressing as a baby, authenticity is the key!

It's not every day you see a crowd of dancing traffic cones running toward you singing 'Highway to Hell'.

The sad thing is, I can believe this!!!!

I think baby has outgrown his pram!

The Red Arrows come trundling by ...

Tank pram, affectionately named 'Tanky McTankface'

Look at these beautiful, elegant Victorian bathing belles!

A Heathrow third runway pram!

Glamorous baywatch babes, Windlesham style.
I can't help imagining this as Dean Winchester expanding on his familiarity with Rhonda Hurley!

A touch of the orient.

The Vikings just stopped by to have a beer.

A gathering of little green army men.

This jockey seems to have misunderstood the usual horse/jockey relationship ... and it's only the second pub!

There will be a lot of aching legs and aching heads in Windlesham tonight, but kudos to everyone who took part!
Thanks to their efforts, schools, libraries and sporting facilities in Lightwater and Windlesham will receive some funds, plus there is a plan to buy a defibrillator for public use in Windlesham village centre.  All good stuff!
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