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A Happy Christmas ...

It's been a lovely Christmas day here in the Dizzo household, peaceful and beautifully unplanned with no requirement to be anywhere or with anyone.

We started off with a very welcome lie-in and didn't surface until after 9.30, then it was straight downstairs to have breakfast and open our gifts.

I got lots of gorgeous Supernatural loot, some money and a great camera; that'll come in really handy for the cons - I've just got to learn how to use it.  I must have been a very good girl this year - either that, or Santa has really lowered his standards recently!

It was mid afternoon, while I was sitting on the couch reading 'The Road to Little Dribbling' by Bill Bryson, when Mr D started cooking dinner - how lucky am I to be married to a man who's a great cook?  Although, having said he's a great cook, his traditional Christmas dinner did turn into a high protein low carb Christmas dinner when he forgot to cook the potatoes!!!  Yes, there they all are.  Still sitting in the fridge, exactly where they were this morning ...


So potatoes, or lack thereof, aside, I have eaten enough to feed a siege, and we have continued our Star Wars marathon (currently on to Return of the Jedi).  There has also been wine.  Lots of wine!

So before I head off for one last glass, here are some gift-wrapped boys for you.  Now be careful when you unwrap them.  They bruise easily!

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