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100 Days of Happiness - Day 69

Mr Dizzo has a very good friend - a lovely guy called Martyn.  They met when they worked together on the railway yonks ago, and although they have long since gone their separate ways, we've all remained good friends and will be seeing Martyn tomorrow evening after work.

We have a little tradition between us which started right from the first Christmas that Mr D and Martyn knew each other.  You see, Mr D was a railwayman, but was NOT a train enthusiast; he was a great pains to point this out to anyone who would listen.  Martyn, on the other hand, loves trains, and is very knowledgable and enthusiastic about them.  He can talk about them at length ...

Trust me, I know!

Anyhoo, that Christmas Martyn was bemoaning the fact that there are hardly any decent Christmas card with pictures of diesel engines on them ... REALLY?  Is anyone surprised?  And so, for a joke, that first year, I drew him a Christmas card wiith a cartoon train and a caricature of him on it.
He loved it so much, I kind of set a benchmark, and now I've ended up drawing a card every year for him!

Now, I've done about fifteen of these things over the years, and they normally involve some kind of in joke revolving around what's going on in the railway, or in Martyn's life generally.

Sadly, I can only find three of them saved on my computer for posterity - including the one I've just finished drawing tonight, so as they are fun to do, and they make Martyn happy, these are my happy pictures for today ...

Apparently Class 66 Diesels are colloquially known as 'Tractors' on the railway  ...
(Class 66 Diesels are the best thing evver according to Martyn.)
(Martyn needs to get out more!)

Martyn also likes military aircraft, especially the Vulcan bomber

This year's card:  Martyn's other half likes trains too.  He's been building her a model train layout
around their Christmas tree!

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