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The Hunter Girls Hit London

Well, we knew today was most likely going to be a riot, and we didn't let ourselves down.  The Mulberry Tree pub really didn't know what hit it when seven extremely odd individuals, wearing an inordinate amount of plaid descended upon them and starting having strange conversations that involved words and phrases such as 'demon', 'exorcism', 'impala', 'wincest' and 'banging Dean Winchester like a barn door in a hurricane'.

I'd decided to cosplay Dean for the purposes of today's meet up, and by the time I reached Waterloo, wilting under Dean's forty seven layers (or at least that's what it felt like), I was ready to rethink that decision.  I am so going to canvass the CW and ask them to make their costumes more 'cosplay-friendly' to menopausal women.

So, in the end, we had a Dean, a Sam, a Crowley-ette, a Bobby and an any-character-you-like-who-wears-a-plaid-shirt.

It was a day spent with my lovely girls (and one equally lovely honorary girl) of exchanging gifts and love, eating, drinking and lots and lots of laughter!

So, thank you amberdreams, milly_gal, jj1564, xlittleangx, theymp, and andiivalo for making such a memorable day.

herminekurotowa, edina_clouds128, heavenli24, chellexxx, sasha_dragon, 999alena - absent friends who were missed!

That's enough rambling - here are the mugshots ...

Sam, Dean and Bobby, what a team!

Sam and Dean.  I really haven't mastered the bow legs bit yet!

Big smiles from an especially smiley day!

Now there's a Dean-worthy pout!

June makes such a good Bobby, it's scary!

When you have salt and demons in the same place, it's just got to be done!

That happy, post-dinner languor sets in.

Of course, no Hunter Girls' gathering would be complete without these little dudes!

We were trying to work out the correct slash terminology for a fake Dean snogging another fake Dean ... pseudo-self-narcissicest seems a bit wordy, anyone got any better ideas?

Showing off some of my awesome gifts, thanks to milly_gal, jj1564 and Secret Santa

There has to be a dick head joke in here somewhere ...

No jokes about three tits in this picture please; we won't sink to that level.  Oh wait, actually yes we did ...

The little dudes again, welcoming June's new Captain Mal to the fold.

The teriffic trio again!

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