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Research ...

The Christmas meet-up of the Hunter Girls, (aka amberdreams, jj1564, milly_gal, theymp, xlittleangx, andiivalo and me - 999alena, herminekurotowa and edina_clouds128 you will be missed) is taking place tomorrow at London's South Bank, and for my sins, I shall be going along cosplaying as Dean Winchester.

In order to do the best job I could, I decided I ought to do some extensive research ...

I'm happy to share my findings with you all.

Okay, so I don't have green eyes

Or perfect teeth

Or sinfully pouty lips

Or bone structure that would make Michaelangelo weep

Or bow legs

Or pointy ears

Or a strong jaw

Actually, I look about as much like Dean Winchester

As I look like the back of a truck

So I've got a snowball's chance in hell

Of making myself look anything like this gorgeous man.

See, Dean can't believe I'm even trying

But then I do have one thing that's very important.

Which could just save the day!

I have my very own plaid shirt.


Tags: dean winchester, extreme prettiness, fangirl down
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