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100 Days of Happiness - Day 65

I wasn't around on line at all yesterday, and the main reason for that was that it was my work's HR department Christmas party.

I've said a couple of times that it's taking some getting used to not working in the charity sector any more, but yesterday sealed that fact more than anything that has heppened to me in the last nine months ...  I think this one 'do' cost more than every Christmas celebration I took part in for the thirteen years I was at my old job put together!

Our Christmas party started at 1 pm with a chocolate tasting and chocolate making session in Hackney.  There was a group of eight of us, and if making and manhandling chocolate wasn''t entertaining enough, we were plied with Prosecco throughout.  It was a fun and thoroughly enjoyable session, but it taught me that I'm far better at eating chocolate than making it ...

Here's my attempt at making a few truffles (lined up along the top of the paper) - the rest is just the God awful mess I made in the process!

This is my attempt at making a chocolate disc with some spiral plain choc decoration with coconut, honeycomb and white chocolate sprinkles all round the edge.  It looked great until I picked it up, and all the sprinkles fell off!

But fun was had by all ... four glasses of Prosecco certainly helped with that process!
Don't we look sexy in our plastic pinnies :D

After we'd finished playing with chocolate, it was off to the Shard for drinkies and dinner.  After an eventful taxi ride back to London Bridge we decided to clear our heads and hung around at London Bridge taking a few photos and enjoying the beauty that is London at night time.

And it doesn't get much more beautiful than Tower Bridge

The Shard in all its glory!

With a couple of the girls; a view across London in the background!

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