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I know that gloating is a sign of a small and petty mind but, do you know what?  Sod it.  I'm going to gloat and I'm going to enjoy it!!!

Many of you may remember the saga of my dealings with 'Gaz' earlier this year, the delightful dickhead gentleman who took over as my department Manager at my old job, and managed to drive out 60% of his team (including me) within a month with the man management skills of a sulking four-year-old.

As my old job was based around HR compliance, a significant part of what I did was 'prevention of illegal working', that is to say ensuring that when we employed foreign nationals, we did it legally.  As part of that process, we occasionally had to sponsor people under the UK Visas and Immigration's points based system, to enable them to work in the UK, and in order to do that, we had to have a sponsorship licence with the UKVI.  I was, in effect, 'custodian' of that licence.  I was responsible for its use and its renewal every four years, and - blowing my own trumpet here - during my tenure, we maintained an 'A' rated licence for the ten years before I left the company this April.

When I handed in my notice, I put together a long handover list covering all of what I did which included all the details of our UKVI sponsorship licence; our licence reference number, our renewal date, the UKVI contact details, and all the information that Gaz would need to replace me as the Authorised Officer on the licence.  I even warned him that our renewal date (November 2016) might trigger a UKVI inspection - it did last time.

So, guess what Gaz did with all that information I gave him?

Absolutely fuck all, that's what.  You've got to hand it to him, he's consistent ... he treated my handover with exactly the same contempt and disrespect as he treated everything else I did for that organisation after he joined, and he didn't follow up on a single thing.

And guess what!  I got a text from my lovely Jenni this morning, with grinning emojis all over it. Their sponsorship licence has expired and the UKVI have refused to renew it because they didn't apply within the designated time, and even if they had, they didn't have an Authorised Officer who would be able to make the application because the delightful Gaz didn't send off the nomination letter I left with him to enable him to become Authorised Officer.  All he had to do was sign the bloody thing and put it in the post!

Jenni's text said; 'well hold the front page - All hell broken loose today as our sponsorship thingy was not renewed through UK border control and big panic now as to whether we are now employing illegal workers.  You warned him but did he listen - nah ... he knows better it seems!'

So yes, I'm gloating.  And I'm not even sorry!!!

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