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A Memey Thingy!

Totally stolen from milly_gal

What is your favorite "food" holiday?

I like Easter.  Because, well, chocolate.  My birthday often falls over Easter too, so that means even MORE chocolate!

Do you prefer ham or turkey (or tofu turkey)?
Turkey for me.

Do you anticipate or dread seeing your relatives for the holidays?

I'm not big on seeing relatives over Christmas.  With the exception of my parents, I'm not that close to my family, and the thought of spending  whole day with them doesn't exactly fill me with seasonal joys. I don't dislike them or anything like that, I just simply have nothing in common with most of them (apart from one of my cousins).  It would be like being in a room full of strangers!   Christmas Day is mine and Mr Dizzo's day.  We like to spend it with just the two of us.  If we're going to entertain or go out, it'll be Boxing Day or new year, and it will be with friends; people we've chosen to share our lives with!

We'll see my Mum and Dad the weekend before Christmas and my MiL for a few hours on Christmas Eve, then that's it for family stuff.

When do you start listening to Christmas carols (for real, you can tell us)?

I tend to start listening to Christmas music when I put the Christmas tree up.  Otherwise, I avoid it like the plague!

How are you feeling right now with regards to the upcoming holiday season?

Kind of looking forward to it.  I'm still coming to terms with being back in the commercial sector in my new job after 13 years in the charity sector. We have a real Christmas 'do' to look forward to at a posh hotel in London with an overnight stay all paid for by the company, (as opposed to a bowl of peanuts and a glass of lukewarm prosecco at our desk like I've been used to).   I've got to think about buying a posh frock for the first time in forever! 
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