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Now is the time for all good Fangirls to come to the aid of the Pretty ...

Yes, it's that time - it's the PCAs again.

Sadly Jared and Misha didn't make the cut this year, but that could be an unexpected advantage to Jensen, our soul survivor in the 'Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor' category because it means that unlike previous years, the Supernatural vote won't be split.

So, you know the drill, let's get those trigger fingers working double time because our precious Jensen needs to retain his PCA Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor title - it was a long time coming, and in the absence of the Emmy he so richly deserves and won't get because TV execs are anti-genre snobs, it's the best we can do for him!

You can vote for Jensen HERE
You can also vote for Supernatural for 'Best Network Sci-Fi Fantasy Show' HERE

And just in case you need any reminders as to why Jensen deserves your vote, allow me to jog your memory ...

(Arty twiddles by me.  Not that our man needs any embellishment, mind ...)
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