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Well, that turned out nice!

I headed back to the Isle of Wight this weekend to spend a long-overdue weekend catching up with my lovely Mum and Dad, hence my total radio silence over the last couple of days.

My parents have no internet access and so all I have to keep me tethered to the outside world while I'm there is my trusty phone.  Given that the general 4G signal on the Isle of Wight appears to be powered by a hamster on a turbine, (I believe the Island is upgrading it to a hedgehog soon), accessing the internet can be something of an odyssey over there, so unless I've got something important to say, I generally don't bother!


It was lovely to see them; they're keeping well and were clucking over me worse than ever. (I made the mistake of letting my Mum see a box of antibiotics in my bag - I've somehow managed to pick up a kidney infection, and you'd think it was Ebola the way they were fussing!)

This morning we walked down to the war memorial in Freshwater, the village where they live, and watched the Remembrance Sunday parade. .

When the main event was all over we planted a little cross in loving memory of my Grandad.

Arthur William Ludlow; 8.7.1922. - 15.8.2009.  Royal Air Force.  Electrical Engineer, 621 Squadron.  1939-45 Star.  Africa Star.

As always, it was a beautiful and touching tribute to those exceptional men and women to whom we all owe more than we can ever say.

To round off such a nice weekend, it seemed fitting that I had one of the most enjoyable ferry crossings home I can ever remember having.  With a fiery sunset and the super moon to enjoy, I really wasn't ready to get back in the car and hit sixty boring motorway miles home!

And here's the super moon looking out over the Solent (that's the stretch of sea that I'm crossing) with the Island to the right, and the mainland to the left!

And so that was that!

I may not be able to catch up on my F/list from this weekend, so if there's anything I need to see, or you'd like me to see, let me know.  I'll try, but we'll see how time treats me this week!!!
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