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Staring helplessly across the pond ...

I feel like I've witnessed a death today.  The death of tolerance, common sense, and basic decency.

I know, I'm sitting here in the UK, a convenient ocean away from ground zero, and a Trump supporter could be justified in telling me to mind my own business.  But you know what, I won't.

Because I'm scared.  Long term, I'm scared for the world at large, but on a more personal level I'm scared for all you lovely ladies on my F/list.  You're such a gloriously diverse bunch; I know some of you are members of the LGBT community, some of you are people of colour, people of different religions different cultures, different ethnicities and different backgrounds.  Some of you are living with physical conditions and mental health issues, but you all just keep on keeping on.  Between you all, you are what makes life's tapestry so rich and interesting, and so bloody rewarding.

And if that odious orange cretin and his creepy, uterus-obsessed VP won't see that, then that just shows what small-minded, bigoted pond scum they are.

I am truly, truly sorry. I wish there was something I could say to make it better.

There isn't.

I've cried for you all today.  Please know I'm thinking of you all xx
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