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So, that was Asylum 17 ...

So, it came and it went.  Another fabulous weekend of Supernatural fun and madness with great friends and the awesome cast of our great little show.

The weekend started on Friday after a typical scummy Friday afternoon drive up to Birmingham that should have taken two and a half hours, but took four instead, so the Hilton was a very welcome sight indeed when I finally turned up.

I was lucky enough to get tickets for a meet and greet with all the guests on the Friday evening.  That's always a great time to hae a good chat with them in a small intimate group.  There were about eight of us in my group, all sitting in a circle, making it feel a bit like group therapy.  (A fangirl group therapy ... sheesh!  Could you imagine? Who'd be a fly on the wall for that!!)

And, as great minds think alike, Theo Devaney turned up to our group and sat down, and his first words were, "Hello, I'm Theo and I've been an alcoholic for about (here he glanced at his glass) three hours!"

All the guests were great, as always; engaging and friendly, and happy to be there.  Most of them, such as DJ Qualls, Seb Roche, Travis Aaron Wade, Travis Wester, Theo Devaney, Adam Rose and AJ Buckley,  I'd met before and I was really touched that Travis Aaron Wade remembered me from JiB.

There were also some new faces at this con, Corin Nemec, Jessica Heafey and Lisa Berry.  Corin was probably the biggeest surprise for me.  I remember having seen Corin in two shows, Supernatural and Stephen King's 'the Stand'.  In both of those shows he played characters who both had a massive chip on their shoulder and were generaally pretty obnoxious.  Rightly or wrongly, that coloured my view of the actor, and I was pretty blah about meeting him.  How wrong I was, he was charming, funny and an absolute delight to meet; I've never been so happy to be wrong!

Then there was Lisa Berry.  Lisa plays Billie the Reaper and she was pure sunshine!  It was her first con, and she was so excited and happy to be there, I swear she was bouncing around and smiling the whole time.  I asked her, as it was her first con, if she had seen footage of previous cons and got an idea of what went on.  She said that someone had taken her to Pascon as an attendee, and that's when she admitted she was a total fangirl, so she was blown away by the whole event.  When she was actually invited to this con as a  bonafide guest, and especially as it was her first time in the UK, she was thrilled to bits!

Saturday was my photo day, so gird your loins, here are the mugshots ...

The Lovely Corin

I asked if Billie would klike the opportunity to reap Sam and Dean.  She jumped at the chance!

I have no words!

I think Mr Fizzles had a strange effect on me - I look vaguely demented here!

A little tango with Balthazar

The loely Adam Rose

Tyler remembered me from the last Asylum he was at, he's such a sweetie!

Theo's such a sweetie!

Now that's what you call a hug!!

Saturday night was a time to regroup, relax and enjoy a nice pizza at the end of a busy and lovely day.

Sunday was my autographs day.  As I was an upgrade, I had two autos with some of the guests, so I got them to sign our photos as well as my artwork.  As there were a lot of late announcements, I hadn't had a chance to produce portraits for all the guests, so as I usually do, I produced a collage for the others to sign.

Corin was disappointed that I hadn't had a chance to add him to my collage, so he decided to add himself.

I was very impressed!

Here are the portraits that I got signed; I was thrilled that they were all well received by their recipients!

I love that AJ signed this 'WWBD' (What would Buffy Do?)

Sunday afternoon was the chance for me to finally sit down and  watch the panels.  They were all enjoyable, and especially Seb, whose panels can be migraine-inducingly dire, was hilarious today.  His portayal of stoner Hamlet will stay with me forever!  Meanwhile DJ, who is an insanely entertaining and charismatic speaker, told the wonderful story of when he was so stoned, he convinced himself he was a reincarnation of Mary Pickford, the legendary actress of the silent movies - you really had to be there!

Then before we knew it, it was time to go!  Two and a half hours later I was sitting at home wondering where that delightful weekend had gone :(

Anyway, it's these weekends that make me realise how lucky I am, not only to be able to enjoy these fabulous occasions, but to be able to enjoy them with such amazing friends.  Here are my partners in crime amberdreams, xlittleangx, chellexxx, and andiivalo during a short break in proceedings, sending a quick hello to our lovely jj1564.

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