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100 days of Happiness - Day 55

So, here's a rundown of my happy morning so far ...

7.00 am - wake up when Mr D gets up for work
7.00 and 4 seconds - reach for phone.  Surf net for a bit, seek out spoilers and juicy pictures from latest episode
7.30 am - get up
7.31 am - coffee
7.45 am - start work on finishing portrait of pissed-off scotsman.  Scan and mount said scotsman.  Don't be rude!
8.45 am - start packing
8.50 am - rooting through cupboards looking for favourite flashing demon horns
8.55 am - continue packing, more coffee
9.05 am - rooting through drawers looking for favourite 'they ate my tailor' pendant
9.15 am - finish packing
9.20 am - short chill out with breakfast and LJ before shower and usual pre-con ritual of deciding which of my twelve million (or so it seems at that point) Supernatural T-shirts I'm going to wear today.

Who says adulthood has to be dull?

Hitting the road for Asylum 17 in about 3 hours ... in the meantime, here's aforementioned portrait of pissed-off scotsman.

I mean, really; he's just found out his father is a demon and that his destiny is to die in a shipwreck.  You can forgive him for being a little bit miffed, can't you!
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