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The Continuing Adventures of Mr Dizzo

A lady Mr Dizzo works with has recently been disgnosed with breast cancer, and is currently off from work following surgery.  In her absence, the office held a 'pink' day today to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research, and ...

A little bit of background.

When Mr D went to work at the hospital eight years ago, and found himself the only man in an office full of women, he had all these marvellous images of him as the Alpha Male; a colossus bestriding his harem of adoring females.

How he's actually ended up, in his own words, is as their pet.  He is, and I quote, 'like  some poor daft mutt you see on Facebook that someone dresses as Yoda so that everyone can laugh and point at it.'

(I reckon he loves it, but he denies this vehemently)

Anyway, I digress.  He got home from work today, and well, this is what he looked like ...

Bazza agreed to this on the basis that if they paraded him round the hospital they'd make some good funds and also that one of them had some nail varnish remover in her handbag for after the event.

And then apparently she didn't :D

So he came home and walked through the door looking like this - minus the painted heart on his face.  The first thing he asked me for was nail varnish remover, and I didn't have any either!!!

But altogether, they did raise £200.00!

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