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And Now for Something Completely Different ...

My Mum has, this year, really got into NCIS.  She's been devouring them on various freeview channels, and bemoaning the fact that those channels don't show them in order, so earlier this year I ordered her the seasons 1 - 11 boxset on Amazon.

She seems to have developed a particular liking for Tony DiNozzo.  Every time I go to see my parents, I'm asked to find to get on 'my internet thng' and look up facts about the character, and Michael Wetherley, the actor.

It's actually really cute!  I've never seen her like this over a show or an actor, and NCIS, although not really my thing, is streets ahead of the usual shit she watches, likes soaps and reality TV.  So, of course, I'm being a total enabler.  I sit and watch it with her when I visit them, and I've ordered her the season 12 DVD for Christmas.

And then I decided to do something for a little surprise, also for Christmas ...

Tags: fan art, happy dizzo, not supernatural

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