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100 Days of Happiness - Day 46

Today has been a good day!

Apart from the fact that it's Friday, wich makes it good for that reason alone, it's the day on which I watched the Superatural season 12 premiere, and what can I say?  Well, without spoiling anyone too much ... BUGGER ME! 

That was bloody fantastic, I was glued the whole time, and can I just say, that I'd like to take a blunt instrument to that snotty British cow?

In other (equally important) news, it's Mr D's birthday today.  He loved his T shirt and Lego gifts, and we've just come back from a couple of hours at our local wine bar celebrating the auspicious occasion with a bottle of New Zealand's finest and a gorgeous antipasti spread that could feed a siege.

Mr D spent part of his workday on helipad duties.  And when he's not being a brave and fantastic first responder at the hospital helipad, there are still regular and mundane tasks to be fulfilled.  Regular and mundane tasks like cleaning up pigeon shit ...

Happy birthday Mr D!!!
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