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100 Days of Happiness - Day 38

I already posted in this meme about these little dudes back at day 6, but here's where I'm going to post about their home:

spn_on_parade is the mini-community that I co-mod with my buddies jj1564 and milly_gal and it''s where we document the adventures - or should that be misadventures - of our little Funko Pop Mini Team Free Will.  Co-running the Parade has brought two great  friends into my life, and for that alone it's been a fantastic experience, but modding the community also tests my creativity and imagination to its limit, and that's someting that has brought me endless hours of joy and fun.

Over 100 people watch our little corner of crazy and follow the daily shenanigans of Mini Team Free Will and their growing population of cohorts.

It's a little place of fun and whimsy where quirkiness and absurdity rule and where our mini-boys engage in such regular fun and frolics as MiniLympics, Cooking with Crowley, Guess the Episode and Teeny Weeny Halloweeny.

I'm proud of how much pleasure our little dudes bring to those who follow their antics.  They regularly put a smile on peoples' faces, and that really is something to be happy about!

And so, just fior fun ... here are a few of my mini-boys' finest moments ...

 photo Fairy4 2_zpsmyxwmjlh.jpg

 photo 1346166_800_zpsyseyeu6j.jpg

 photo 648922_600_zpsnx8ttrbn.jpg

 photo pancake 2_zpsqnxkycss.jpg

 photo 8 2_zpsot8ouhin.jpg

 photo 1224793_800_zps4coqsh3p.jpg

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