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100 days of Happiness - Day 28

A lovely day was had by all at our little 'Hunter Girls' meet up today with amberdreams, andiivalo, paperbackwriter (and the adorable Lily), jj1564, xlittleangx and 999alena.  It was also great to welcome the lovely herminekurotowa to a beautiful sunny London to join us.

As always, the food at the Mulberry Tree was delicious, and went down nicely with great company and fun conversation!

here's 999alena, amberdreams and jj1564

jj1564, andiivalo and Yours Truly with a mouthful of ice cream!

A great picture of jj1564 and me.  I wonder what a body language expert would say about us here?

herminekurotowa brought along the most amazingly gorgeous home-made bags for all of us - more pictures soon!

Credit to xlittleangx for the great pics!

And she also brought along my last picture from Asylum 16 ... it was such fun to see it again - what a fantastic J2 squeeze we had!

All in all, a wonderful happy day, and as always, it makes me count my blessings that I found this brilliant little show and the awesome corner of crazy that goes with it!
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