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Flyby from Dizzo-land! Catching up on Happy stuff ...

I'm just stopping by to say 'hi', and just to let you know that I am still alive, despite appearances to the contrary!!

I was out exhibiting with Dapplegrey Art on the Isle of wight at the weekend, at the Garlic Festival which was anything but uneventful. The British summertime did it's usual utmost to be as unco-operative as possible, and on the first morning, all us traders found ourselves being rapidly evacuated from the craft marquee because an 80mph gust uprooted one end of the marquee and it started to collapse! And let's face it, a 50 yard x 25 yard, 20 ft high marquee is a hell of a lot of canvas to have crashing down on your noggin.

Didn't stop me standing there beside the marquee in the pissing rain bemoaning the safety of my pictures until I was allowed back into the newly-secured marquee and check that it was all safe and sound!

But after a slightly unorthodox start, the show was a good one, despite the crappy weather, and to cap it all, the stallholder next to me was a big Supernatural fan, so there was no shortage of conversation and laughter.  He likes Big Bang Theory too and does a mean Sheldon Cooper impression!!

I had a couple of special visitors to the stall on Saturday - they must have been quite at home in the ridiculously cold weather ...

But DG was always there, overseeing proceedings:

Even though he thinks he's totally underappreciated and that his job sucks.
I can't imagine why ...

I love the Dapplegrey Art season; it's ludicrously busy but rewarding in far more ways than just financially, and I love every minute of it.  I'm looking foward to heading back over to the Island on Wednesday evening for the four-day Isle of Wight Steam Festival.

But anyway, given my general buoyant mood at the moment, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to catch up on my 100 days of happiness, by sharing a few happy thoughts:

Day 22 - Mr D and I were apart on our anniversary (on Saturday) so we celebrated this evening with a movie, a bottle of wine and a pizza.

Day 23 - Mr D is going to France for a few days on Saturday where he will be acting as support driver and mechanic for a team of fundraising cyclists who will be cycling 800 miles through northern France.  Those brave souls who have done this bike ride every August for the past five years have been a significant part of a huge group of people who have, over eight years of fundraising, between them all raised £1.5 MILLION (yes I'm shouting because it's worth shouting about) which was the shortfall needed to build a breast care centre at our local hospital.  It will be the Southern England centre of excellence for all matters relating to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and I couldn't be prouder of those guys!

Day 24 - I missed the lovely Misha's birthday while I was away, so I just wanted to make a shout-out to wish a happy birthday to the our mad and mighty Misha, master of all kinds of crazy!

Day 25 - Our fantastic GB Olympians.  I've followed their progress obsessively and am so proud of them.  I'm not ashamed to admit that seeing Nick Skelton finally win his Gold medal at his eighth Olympics brought a tear or ten to my eye!!

Day 26 - This piccture of some bloke blinking turned up on my Facebook feed over the weekend, and if that's not a cause for happiness, I don't know what is:

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