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100 Days of Happiness - Day 19

We had the pleasure of catching up with our friend Chris from New Zealand last week, and seeing her got me to thinking about all our other absent friends down in that magnificent part of the world.  So this post is dedicated to those people who, although they are a world away, still bring me immense joy every single day!

My friend Janet and my Goddaughters, Laura (in pink) and Amy.  Those two beautiful little girls are 17 and 14 now!!!

Cameron and Wendy

Chris and her husband Roy.  We knew Roy before we knew Chris!

Cameron showing us his best side.

Actually, I think this may be his best side ...

And not forgetting Jake who was as much a member of the gang as any single one of us humans!
Sadly, Jakey is no longer with us, but we'll always hold his memory with enormous fondness.

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