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100 Days of Happiness - Day 16

This is Dylan, my latest commission.

Dylan is a golden retriever and he belongs to a lovely couple called Dot and David who have been huge supporters of my art - he's my third commission for them.  I met Dylan the week after they got him when he was a teeny-weeny hyperactive ball of fluff and feet.

Now almost a year later, his huge feet have fulfilled their potential, and he's grown into a massive handsome boy.  So I was thrilled when Dot approached me to do a picture of him for David's 70th birthday.

The picture is going to be a triple multiple, almost like a kind of triptych, with the main picture being Dylan as he is now, and two subsidiary pics of him as an adolescent and as a tiny puppy.

So far, I've just finished the pic of him as an adolescent:

And here's how he fits in with the full picture:

So there you have it.  Drawing Dylan is making me very happy!
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