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July Meme - 30th and 31st July

30th July:

just_ruth asked which international friend I most want to meet:  That would be an impossible question to answer.  The simple fact is I'd love to meet each and any of my international friends that I haven't had the good fortune to meet in person already.  I love my interactions with all of you, and it would be a joy and a privilege to meet up with each and every one of you!

31st July:

sinfulslasher (the birthday girl) asked if I have any special birthday traditions, or if there's anything special I'd like to do on my birthday.  I don't have any particular tradition surrounding my birthday, except that I love to celebrate it in some way.  I'm a huge kid when it comes to birthdays - I've always said if I had to choose between birthday or Christmas, it would be birthday, no question.  So I love to do something that makes it feel special.  That usually starts with having the day off work, and my methods of marking my birthday can be anything such as a meal out with friends, a day trip, a weekend away, a theatre show ... the possibilities are endless!

What would I love to do on my birthday?  I would absolutely LOVE to be at a con on my birthday, but unfortunately that's never likely to happen because the dates don't work out!

Thank you to everyone who took part in my meme - hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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