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Cosmically Happy Spam of Happiness

Our friend jj1564 has been feeling a bit under the weather, so I'm delighted to present our lovely J's along with Misha in this happy happy spam to cheer her up.

Jared and Jensen's smiles are a force of nature.  I'm not talking rainclouds and buttercups, I'm talking on a cosmic scale here.  Sparkling like supernovas and much prettier than black holes, but just as destructive.

In the spam below, I present the evidence for your perusal - you decide!

Jensen's smile shines so brightly it can be seen from space.  NASA has a dedicated telescope to study it.

Rays of sunshine feel totally inadequate next to Jared's smile

And if they are combined, the entire fabric of the universe is at risk.

The laws of physics have no meaning at this point ...

Einstein's theory of adorability.

Jensen's just checking to make sure that no-one has fallen into the gravitational pull of Jared's dimples.

The addition of Misha's smile adds whole new levels of crazy into the mix.

We're talking extinction level event.

Sometimes they try not to smile to protect the future of humanity.  But they're not very good at it.

They look slightly insane.

So they always end up smiling in the end.

This smile melted the martian ice caps.

And this one affected the transit of Venus (she wanted to get a closer look - who can blame her?)

Anyone would think they're proud of the mayhem they cause ...

Smug gits!

All pictures purloined from Pinterest and Google.  Credit as per watermarks.
If credit needs to be added, let me know.
Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jared, jensen, misha, pictures

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