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100 Days of Happiness - Day 8

Today I decided to share some pictures of a place that makes me happy.

I live in a three-bedroomed house.  With just the two of us, we have one bedroom between us, and then Mr D has his mancave and I have my Dizzo-cave.

My Dizzo-cave is where I can sit and draw and write or read when I'm on my own or when I want a bit of me time. It's a cluttered jumble of pencils, paper, books, nick-nacks, and more pictures than you can shake a stick at and it's my little space!

So here are some pictures of my Dizzo-cave:

I've never been what you could call a 'girlie girl', so the first thing you'd notice about my Dizzo-cave is that the walls are blue.  The second thing you'll notice is that you can hardly see the walls behind all the books and pictures, so it doesn't matter what colour they are!

The picture on the extreme right is a painting of a vulcan bomber, and it's the only picture Mr Dizzo has ever painted.

My little craft pit where all my pads, paper pencils and other craft stuff is stored.

My wall of Supernatural!  There are seven more pictures to go up  when I can finally get off my arse and frame them; heaven knows where I'll put them though!!

Our travel maps, reminders of the various places we've been.

Recognise these little hooligans?
They used to live on my bedside table, but as their numbers grew, they started to outgrow their accommodation, so they had to relocate.

One of my desks, complete with Taz phone (which doesn't work at the moment because Mr D unplugged it when we were investigating a broadband problem, and has never got round to plugging it back in again!)

My other desk, complete with mini-onlookers!

My necklace and pendant collection

Welcome to my Dizzo-cave

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