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100 days of happiness - day 6

No list of what makes me happy would be complete without these little herberts:

Over the last two years, along with my fellow mods milly_gal and jj1564, we have regularly posted the adventures of our respective mini Team Free Wills and all their friends at spn_on_parade.

Apart from the fact that doing this tests our powers of creativity to the limit, and takes us outside of our comfort zone on a regular basis; (I've lost count of the number of funny looks I've had from confused onlookers), I've heard from members of the community who have told me that the minis' shenanigans always put smiles on their faces, and have even helped them through difficult times.

And that makes me very, very happy.

I''m a grown woman who plays with little plastic dolls.  And I'm proud to do so.

Tags: facts about me, little plastic people, meme-y stuff

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