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100 days of happiness - day 5

For today's slice of happiness, I'm going to unearth something I posted a long time ago.

Anyone who is even vaguely acquainted with my journal knows that while I have the utmost love and respect for J2M, Jensen is the one I lust after and have the most impure thoughts about.

That said, I believe that Jared, Jensen and Misha come as a set of three, and I don't value any one of them below the other two.  They are all beautiful people, inside and out, and all of them are equally responsible for brightening our days with their own unique brand of dorkiness.

Therefore, it is with the deepest affection to those three beautiful dorks and the joy that they bring us, that I am happy to present, once again ...

Tags: fangirl down, jared, jensen, meme-y stuff, misha, pictures

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