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Multitasking Memes ...

Today's picture satisfies both day 5 of my 100 days of happiness meme and the 20th July in the July meme.

 In my July Meme, sillie82 asked to see a picture of the prettiest thing/place in my town/city.

The place I've nominated is nice, possibly not the prettiest place, but it's a place that makes me very happy.

It's the hub of Lightwater, the village where I live. It's the village square, the main feature of which is Randalls, a lovely little coffee shop.  Mr D and I love to wander down there weekend mornings and have a delicious leisurely breakfast, or on a Friday/Saturday evening and enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles.  When the weather is nice, we can sit outside, beside the beautiful horse chestnut tree (which is the emblem of Lightwater)  and watch the world go by!

This picture was taken on a Tuesday evening when everything is closed up, during trading times, this square is a picture of hustle and bustle!
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