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100 days of happiness - day 3

Well, I'm happy tonight because I have had an uninterrupted day to work on - and complete - my bees!  These were commissioned by a lay whose sister is an entomologist, specialising in bees, who works for the Surrey Wildlife Trust in monitoring bee populations, as well as educating and raising awareness of bees and their value to us.

Cartoons aren't really my thing, so it's always an interesting, but fun challenge to do something like this, and I've really enjoyed it, but - at the same time - I'm glad they're finished.

All that's left is to mount and frame them.

And here they are ...

My little girl bee making daisy chains
(and yes, I know the daisies would be tiny!)


My lady's sister told her that boy bees are lazy, and don't do much of the pollen collection - that's mainly done by the lady bees, so here's a little boy bee sleeping off a busy morning!


Another boy bee enjoying the fruits of his labours
(My lady's sister also told her that you can tell the male and female bees apart because the boy bees have a little mohican!)


And finally, there's always one in the hive who's up to no good!


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