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July Meme - 11th July

sinfulslasher asked 'What's your guilty pleasure?'

Okay, so I admit, I am a complete TV snob.

I love my fantasy, sci-fi, history and documentaries, and I enjoy most things that are considered fairly high-brow and thought provoking.  In the same way, I loathe anything that appeals to the lowest common denominator, and in particular, I detest reality TV and the knuckle-scraping morons it produces.  But ...

There's a a TV programme on here in the UK, I don't know if there is a comparable show on anywhere else in the world, but I just happened to catch an episode of it one quiet Sunday while I was home alone drawing.  When I'm drawing, I often like to put the TV on for a bit of background noise. I wasn't planning to watch it; of course I wasn't - I was concentrating on my drawing.  This TV show came on, and got distracted by it, then I got hooked ...

It's called 'Don't Tell the Bride', and the whole premise is that a couple get a £12,000 wedding all paid for by the TV company.  The only catch is that the bridegroom arranges it all; the bride doesn't get a say at all ... not even in choosing her dress.  She doesn't see a thing until she turns up on the wedding day.

It's train-crash TV. know it's all staged, and false, and edited, and basically, complete shite, but you know what?  I love it!

I don't dare watch it while Mr D's around - I'd never hear the last of it!

And that is my complete guilty pleasure!
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