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July Meme - 6th July

casey28 asked to see a photo of my favourite sweater.

Bit of a funny one this, because I only have one sweater.  I really don't like them; I'd much rather wear fleeces which are looser and much more comfortable.  However, this sweater is special.  It's quite possibly the most expensive garment I own and I bought it in Reykjavik the last time Mr D and I were there.

There's a clothing chain in Iceland called 66 degrees North and they specialise in fabulous quality, very stylish winter clothing, and they are very, VERY expensive!

Whenever we'd been to Iceland before, we'd always gone to the Reykjavik store and treated ourselves to something small like a pair of gloves or a woolly hat, but this time, as it was my birthday, I was determined to REALLY treat myself, and I saw this gorgeous sweater:

It's all wool, but surprisingly comfortable all the same, and it's so warm, I can wear it in the depth of winter here and not need a coat.  This is a picture of me wearing it - warning, I take the worst selfies on Earth!

I love my Icelandic sweater, but it will most likely be the only sweater I ever own, unless 66 degrees North are having a clearance sale next time I go back to Iceland!
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