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July Meme - 3rd July

sinfulslasher asked, 'What's your favourite genre to read and write'?

In terms of reading, I love fantasy, science fiction and horror; favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Stephen King and Douglas Adams.

I loved Lord of the Rings, not so much The Hobbit, and HG Wells' War of the Worlds was the first Science Fiction book I ever read, and remains one of my favourite stories to this day.

I don't limit my reading to those genres though, Watership Down has always been and will always be one of my favourite books, and I'm an avid reader of Ben Elton and Bill Bryson too.

In terms of writing, I tend to stick to gen, and I only write for the Supernatural fandom.   I love to write case fics, hurt comfort and crack.  I have a huge penchant for humour, and a touch of the absurd, in fact, I would find it very difficult verging on impossible to write a completely dark and serious fic.
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