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July Meme - 2nd July

casey28 asked me what my favourite animal was.

That's a hard one because I'm a bit of a sucker for any animal (except spiders!)

But I think I can safely say my favourite animals are rabbits and horses.  My Mum doesn't like cats and my Dad doesn't like dogs, so when I was a kid, rabbits were the best compromise pet.  I had pet rabbits from the time I was eight, to when I was in my mid-thirties.  A couple of them were house rabbits who were with me for over nine years and so I got to know their little personalities and attitudes very well, and I have to say that, sadly, rabbits are just the most underrated animal ever.

My last bunny, Angus, I swear he had a touch of Crowley in him.  He was a defiant, ornery little nutcase, and I loved him to bits.  Before him, Oscar was my wee pocket rocket, and he bagged a starring role in my wedding video. Oscar never accepted Barry muscling in on his owner, and one of my last memories of Oscar is him attacking Barry's trouser leg and tearing a hole in it!

Here's Angus with a very wild-haired me!

Horses were also a big part of my life.  Although I never owned one, I used to ride every weekend and spent as much time as I could around the stables, just enjoying being around the horses.  I love to draw horses; they're a real challenge, and they're such beautiful animals, the sense of satisfaction I get when I get it right is overwhelming.

This is Cobbles.  He was a Shire x some kind of mediumweight hunter type, and because I was one of the taller ladies at the pony club, I often used to get to ride him.  He was such a gentle giant, and such fun to ride, it was like sitting in an armchair!

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